“Alright” by The Max Headroom

“Alright” by The Max Headroom is the anthemic indie rock tune you’ve been waiting for. Characterized by an organic, almost live sound and a dramatic feel change, this song just oozes musicianship. It has all the bells and whistles other musicians appreciate but maintains an approachable, effortlessly cool atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. If you need a good song to listen to on a drive to the beach or on a walk through your neighborhood on a sunny day, this one will doubtlessly do the trick.

We’re greeted by a crispy drum/acoustic guitar groove. It’s got that thin, distant sound that often implies the song is about to open up–and open up it does. Bass, drums, and guitar suddenly envelop the song with an all-encompassing, distorted fullness. A sentimental riff rings out on top, injecting the driving, groovy mood with a little sweetness. The instrumentation takes a breath as a single electric guitar strum sets the tone for the verse. The singer enters with a low-pitched, gloriously idiosyncratic timbre. One of the most important aspects of a great band is the distinctiveness of their singer, and within just a few words you can tell The Max Headroom has really hit this one on the head.

The chorus consists of a few held-out, repeated words, which juxtaposes the somewhat wordy verses. This song ebbs and flows dynamically exactly the way you want it to, so it ends up leaving you not only satisfied but seriously delighted. Plus, it has quite the momentous tempo change for anyone who loves a little attention-grabbing surprise. Be sure to give The Max Headroom a listen–especially if you love a good sunny, alternative rock banger.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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