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“Gazing” by Gus Walker

Funky reggaeton tune “Gazing” is Netherlands-bred artist Gus Walker’s second release, following his track “Come Find Me.” Composed of horns, bass, percussion and more, the silky-smooth track holds many flavors that adeptly capture a listener’s admiration.

One of the best things about reggae is that the instruments play against each other while maintaining blend and fluidity. The percussion and bass presence is bold and gives the song body. “Gazing” gains color once the guitars arrive, and the Dynamics with the guitars enhance the attractive nature of the song.

Control is essential with reggae music because one has to consider the song’s sound and feel. The musicians involved with “Gazing” (Lauran Neerincx, Isaac “IHAKA” McCluskey, Paul van de Calseijde, Arjen Grimmius and David van den Beld) could unleash their monster talent without encumbrance, but reggae is different. Like Ziggy Marley once said, “Reggae music is simple music but it’s music from the heart.”

With the control of the instrumentation, listeners can feel the groove as the music penetrates and stimulates the soul and mind.

Gus’s vocal talent garnishes the record, and you can’t ignore the vibrant harmonies throughout the track. The vocal rhythm is undeniably great, and you can hear the passion in Gus’ voice.

The bridge part is oddly exciting since sometimes a person can dictate what it would sound like based on the rest of the song. But because each piece moves differently, it makes the bridge

“Gazing” is a chill song, but it’s produced too well not to dance to. It’s worth the listen, so check it out!!!

Written by Taylor Berry

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