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“Respiro Tu Aire” by Julimar and Juracán

“Respiro Tu Aire” is a reggaeton duet by Julimar and Juracán and translates to “I Breathe Your Air.” It’s a beautiful love ballet that combines rapping and singing and contains an infectious beat and rhythm.

“Respiro Tu Aire” is a two-and-a-half-minute track that takes you to a serene headspace with its smooth and simple instrumentality. It combines Latin pop and reggaeton, so you can’t resist dancing to it. The fingerpicking style on the guitar gives the song a pop of color.

Julimar and Juracán’s vocals together are hypnotic because of the low and sexy tones. “Respiro Tu Aire” is quite the evoking record, and you inevitably succumb to its calming nature.

The rhythm of Julimar’s rap is exceptionally infectious. After hearing the chorus several times, you get it stuck in your head. “Respiro Tu Aire” is the perfect tune to listen to while hanging out with a significant other. Summer is also around the corner, so this song would make an excellent addition for those looking to create the perfect playlist for the season.

In addition to “Respiro Tu Aire,” you’re encouraged to check out Juracán’s other works like “Moraleja” (incredible Spanish guitar fingerpicking style), “You Said, Lecciones,” “En Casa,” “My Mind,” and more.

You can also follow Juracán on all his social media platforms below to get updates on his next moves as he continues his journey as a musician.

Check out “Respiro Tu Aire,” and don’t be afraid to send this love song to a crush or a lover!

Written by Taylor Berry

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