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“Hindsight” by Boxteles

I didn’t think it would get any better after listening to “Relevant,” but UK-based band Boxteles proved me wrong when they broke into the new year with “Harry & Bruce.” Now, they have their banger “Hindsight” out and believe me when I say you’ll regret it if you don’t listen.

I discovered Boxteles during the unfortunate Covid-19 lockdown and desperately needed a break from mainstream. “Be My Ray-Bans” was the first song I heard, leading me to explore some of their earlier releases. Believe me, they’re great! The band comprises rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Tom Bedford, lead guitarist Ollie Harrison, bassist Alex Richardson, and drummer Oliver Perry.

“Hindsight” is quite the bouncy tune, similar to Fall Out Boy’s “Dance, Dance.” It’s fast, energetic, and consists of a fun guitar rhythm. You also appreciate the jazzy rhythm of the song. Shout out to Oliver Perry for his incredible drumming skills on the track.

The dynamics in “Hindsight” maintains the excitement. At the end of the song, I felt like I was riding that tea cup ride at Disney World, only “Hindsight” is faster than the ride.

Overall, the band did a remarkable job with this record. Boxteles is beyond talented, and their music proves they are hungry and passionate about their work.

I highly recommend Rising Artists readers to check out some of their previous work like “Ready for Action,” “Be My Ray-Bans,” and “D’You Mind?”

Also, check out “Hindsight” and follow Boxteles on all their social media sites to see where they head next on their musical journey. Feel free to let them know if you like what you hear.

Written by Taylor Berry

Boxteles, Hindsight, band, music, Rising Artists

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