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“Looking Up To Heaven” by Glenn Valles

Award-winning songwriter Glenn Valles penned a beautiful masterpiece he titled, “Looking Up To Heaven.” He wrote it to express his grief after losing his mother. It’s an authentic country dirge that addresses loss and the serenity of knowing deceased loved ones are resting peacefully.

Glenn Valles only dressed “Looking Up To Heaven” with a piano and vocals, which was positively minimalist of the songwriter. Many country tunes are embellished today, but “Looking Up To Heaven” favors John Michael Montgomery, Randy Travis, George Strait, etc. Glenn brought back the emotional storytelling nature that country music used to have (think “Three Wooden Crosses”).

Although not the singer on the track embedded above, Glenn’s lyrics incite the song’s emotional capacity. He excelled at conjuring the right words to produce a tender and intimate song that would effortlessly connect with listeners.

The piano part elevates the sentimentality of “Looking Up To Heaven” and beautifully supports the innominate singer.

It must took a lot for the songwriter to open up while composing and publishing the song song, inviting the world to glimpse his innermost self. Glenn did a fantastic job with “Looking Up To Heaven,” it reverts to the classic country sound and his lyrics exemplify the genre’s story-telling nature. 

Thanks to Glenn, “Looking Up To Heaven” holds the capacity to help others who are experiencing grief and loss.

Glenn is a multi-genre songwriter recognized internationally for his songwriting skills, winning numerous awards. He’s a superb songwriter and “Looking Up To Heaven” proves that, so there’s no doubt he will get far in the music industry as a lyricist.

Check out “Looking Up To Heaven,” written by Glenn Valles on YouTube and follow him on his social to see where he goes next on his musical journey.

Written by Taylor Berry

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