“Thieves” by Imelda Gabs

“Thieves” by Imelda Gabs has all the soul of a singer-songwriter-style ballad with the dramatic electronic production of a dance-pop song. It’s rhythmic. It’s touching. It’s delivered by one of the most unique, recognizable voices you’ll ever hear. Imelda Gabs’s warmth and control give her something distinctly special. She could doubtlessly imbue any song she sang with life and personality.

“Caught in the middle / We are so little,” Imelda’s crooning breaks through the silence, held up by a few sparkling keyboard chords. As strings pour in, the existential lyrics paint a powerful image. This slow, vocal-driven intro allows us to soak in the message before the rhythm takes over. A slick run invites in some percussion, background vocals, and bass. Suddenly, we’re set on a course toward something climactic and groovy. The bass drops as Imelda chimes, shrouded in a pitched-down layer, “Thieves looking for love.” Rhythmic rumbles pulse, setting a dance-able tempo and solidifying the track as an electronic production marvel. The chorus, of course, is just as decadent. The mix is full from top to bottom, and the melodies are incredibly memorable. The delivery and arrangement of this song imply such mastery. There’s no denying the dynamic arc keeps you invested.

Stay tuned for even more unbelievable vocal moments from Imelda and a refreshing bridge. Plus, there’s a visually stunning, cinematic music video to go along with it. If you’re not already engrossed in the musical genius of the song itself, you’ll surely be taken in by the plot of the video. So, give Imelda Gabs some love on your choice of social media platform or streaming service!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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