“All I’m Missing” by Cassidy Dickens

“All I’m Missing” by Cassidy Dickens is a brilliant example of good country lyricism. As she seamlessly shifts between narrative and abstract writing styles, Cassidy conveys both a message and a feeling. The bittersweet atmosphere is tangible and often enhanced by sentimental instrumentation. Not to mention, her voice carries this warm soulfulness you don’t hear every day. All in all, this track embodies everything beautiful about Americana music.

An acoustic guitar slides into a series of picked, legato notes. “‘It’s good to hear your voice,’ she says, / Did you get my last message? / I wish you’d call your mama every night / Hope you’re alright,” Cassidy lays down the foundation for the story. Her sound is clear and bright, often elegantly flipping between her head and chest voice. The tenderness with which she delivers these lines makes them all the more poignant.

As we transition to the chorus, the instrumentation ramps up a bit. The acoustic strums rather than plucks. A fiddle fills in the background. A mandolin bolsters the chord progression. As climatic as this is, each repeated chorus takes it up another notch. Whether the instruments get busier or higher in pitch, they each take part in creating a dynamic arc out of sparse production (which, quite frankly, takes skill). Cassidy herself varies her vocal performance to add urgency to her words, and ultimately cohesive emotionality to the song as a whole.

If you love an organic country song, you’re in luck. “All I’m Missing” will be your new favorite song, and Cassidy Dickens your new favorite artist. Be sure to give her a follow and a stream!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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