“Gaffer Tape” by GLOB

“Gaffer Tape” by GLOB is one of those songs which passes every litmus test for great music with flying colors. Brilliant instrumentation and sound design? Check. An effortlessly cool singer? Check. Smooth, well-written melodies? Check. And while it clearly took some meticulous skill and talent to produce, the song comes across as casual and easy-going. You can just melt into the sweet goodness of this indie rock masterpiece.

Punchy electric guitar octaves and a driving drum groove set the song off. Within a few moments, a delicate arpeggio joins in. This momentum suddenly dissolves as the verse comes alive: “Ain’t it strange, / How things change?” The singer has a bright timbre made full by some tight doubles. Each verse phrase ends with these syncopated hits, delightfully mimicked by most of the band. Although quite simple, creating a little contrast within a melody (whether it’s rhythmic or note-driven) is a tasteful and ultimately effective technique.

Roughly halfway through the song, we finally arrive at the chorus. It’s a slow burn, but it feels incredibly satisfying once you get there. The singer rockets into a higher register while the band crams as much electric, anthemic energy into its motifs as it can. By now, you’re either dancing along or wishing you were. That being said, be sure to give GLOB a listen and a follow on your choice of streaming service or social media platform. You’ll be glad you did. “Gaffer Tape” is a distinct display of musicianship, style, and unbridled enthusiasm.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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