“It Was Just A Dream” by Jaxyn Lethe

“It Was Just A Dream” by Jaxyn Lethe combines a stylistically sound atmosphere with such wild originality you’ll feel like you’ve discovered a new genre of music. With its off-kilter chord choices, decadent harmonies, and unique lyrics, it feels a tad bit like a Wet Leg song, but idiosyncratic in its own right. It’s an instant add to your spring or summer playlist. Truly, you won’t find a song this simultaneously creative and accessible.

With a wash of claps, thumping bass, and twinkly synths, the song begins. “I had a dream that we were more than friends / You sent me hearts and you held my hand,” Jaxyn croons with a bright, conversational timbre. The instrumentation dwindles to a simple drum groove and a muted bass line. As harmonies envelop the lead line, patches of dreamy warmth emphasize different phrases.

The chorus arrives with its wonderfully repetitive hook, which stays interesting with a slew of non-diatonic chords. This progression is full of bittersweetness and angst, offering even more poignancy to the lyrics. Plus, the various textures from the intro all return to heighten the dynamic value.

Stay tuned for some beautifully delivered high notes and a harmonic descent into atonal territory. It all eventually culminates in a sweet, solo recitation of the bass line. If you love indie pop music, you couldn’t do better than to check out Jaxyn Lethe. “It Was Just A Dream” is an ingenious musical creation with an undeniably cool style. You’ll be glad you got to know this talented artist!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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