“Eyes In Love” by Naked Face

“Eyes In Love” by Naked Face is the melody-driven electronic pop song of your dreams. Complete with powerful vocals, vibrant synth choices, and an overall strong dynamic arc, this track will make it impossible not to dance. On a more serious note, though, this song is masterfully written and produced–clearly a product of taste, natural talent, and hard work. So, if you want to support a truly deserving pop duo, you couldn’t do better than Naked Face.

“You remind me / Of it all now / Eyes in love with / Let it go now,” the singer begins with a robust timbre. Dreamy piano chords course through the background, allowing this broken-down version of the chorus to breathe. Within moments, a four-on-the-floor-style kick drum signals the beginning of the verse. Synths feverishly pulse and background vocals coast delicately on top. The textures and motifs have widened, but the groove is still anticipatory.

With a bubbly transition, we arrive back at the chorus. This time, rather than a lone piano, we’re gifted with sweeping, bright drum sounds, multiple, diverse synth textures, and some tight harmonies. As the rhythm falls pristinely into place, you’ll find yourself hypnotized. Every pulse and swell heightens the infectious momentum of this chorus. Naked Face has doubtlessly mastered the art of creating intriguing dance music.

If any of this sounds like it may be up your alley, be sure to give “Eyes In Love” a listen! You might just have a new favorite song–or better yet–a new favorite artist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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