“Love You More” by Kristina Lachaga

“Love You More” by Kristina Lachaga is the folksy love song of your dreams. This sweet declaration of adoration floats over a cloud of finger-picked, crisp acoustic guitar and ever-present shaker. If this one doesn’t make you crack a smile, then nothing will. It really is the musical equivalent of joy.

A few acoustic guitar notes trickle in, followed by the vocals: “In the morning / I love you more.” Kristina’s clear, bright vocals delicately drape themselves over each chord. As the verse ensues, a quiet kick drum and a vibrant shaker drive the momentum. The melody gets busier and catchier while the lyrics shower a beloved individual with compliments and praise. At the cadence of this section, she delivers the hook once more over an anticipatory set of chords. These chords define the sectionality and ground the message with their subtle differences.

Fast-forward to the bridge, the tonality turns minor. Kristina repeats the hook but with a new melody and a new atmosphere. Even though the message doesn’t change, the newfound harmony adds a different emotional layer, allowing for a pleasant departure from the major-leaning ambiance of the rest of the song.

If you ever get tired of the melancholy singer-songwriter scene, use this song as a pick-me-up. Kristina Lachaga is the definition of uplifting, and “Love You More” is just the manifestation of that fact. Be sure to give her a like, follow, and download on your choice of social media platform or streaming service.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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