“Won’t Be Me” by Brodie Baldwin

“Won’t Be Me” by Brodie Baldwin is a powerful, vindictive, and heart-wrenching song characterized by impressive vocal range and tasteful production. Break-up songs are easy to come by these days, but rarely are they this layered (or effective, for that matter). If you’re ever seeking the catharsis only music can provide, “Won’t Be Me” ought to be a top contender. It truly gets to the core of what heartbreak feels like, and what we all wish we could say in retaliation.

A few idiosyncratic, minor keyboard chords invite us into the song. “Constantly comparing, I can’t see a happy friending / There’s only room for one mistake,” Brodie utters with a low-pitched, breathy tone. An acrobatic guitar riff tumbles through one ear as the chords take over the other. The vocals are, thus far, drenched in reverb and distortion, but soon erupt with clarity. Percussion layers in at the same time, upping the energy a tad bit. The chorus, however, takes the cake as far as dynamics are concerned.

“So who am I running towards in the dead of the dark? / I’m falling apart,” the most infectious melody pours from the mix, coated in these full, beautiful harmonies. This question rings out with poignance. Sometimes, the unsureness of pain can be the hardest part, but also the most relevant and relatable. Putting a question at the head of the chorus is the most effective choice Brodie could’ve made.

Give this song a stream on your favorite streaming service! You’ll be glad you found Brodie Baldwin’s emotive, skillful artistry.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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