“Reset” by Brew is one of those songs that, if you focus on any one aspect, you’ll find countless things to obsess over. The vocals are organic and relatable. The production is brimming with interesting textures. The melodies are memorable. The lyrics are poignant. This song is truly an amalgamation of musical brilliance.

A warm piano starts us off. The vocalist quietly hums on top until the verse enters: “Should old acquaintances be left out?” The melody falls down these decadent scales over held-out chords, keeping our attention locked on the lyrical exposition. Moments later, funky keyboard sounds and crisp percussion take over. The sparse, minimalistic atmosphere remains, but this time, with a tinge of rhythmic integrity and fascinating sound design. An a cappella, harmonized line caps the verse and signals the beginning of the chorus. “‘Cause you’re just incredible / A prize-winning, edible delight / Through ups and through downs / Gotta keep all your marbles inside,” the singer croons a metaphorical, passionate string of phrases.

The post-chorus brings us a slew of “oo’s” and a groovy drum beat. It’s the perfect marriage between the sweetness of a singer-songwriter ballad and the energy of a pop anthem. Casually, this track melts genres, techniques, and sounds together to bring us something undeniably unique.

Be sure to give “Reset” a listen on your favorite streaming service! Brew demonstrates such brilliant artistry during this four-minute masterpiece. You’ll doubtlessly fall in love with the ins and outs of its writing and production.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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