“7 Years” by Merritt Gibson

“7 Years” by Merritt Gibson is a bittersweet, reflective song with crisp production value and a vibrant, textural performance. Merritt’s vocal timbre is unlike anything you’ve ever heard, combining a smooth head voice with a low-register rasp. Then, on top of that, the instrumentation has this dreamy, driving atmosphere that just feels mesmerizingly immersive. If you like indie pop music, this will be your new favorite song.

“Living in a college town / Cold night, no coats allowed / Running empty circles ‘round the same crowd,” Merritt croons over an ethereal trail of electric guitar notes. The narrative unfolds quickly, describing the all-too-common rub between missing someone and not being able to be with them. Soft synths and gentle snaps create a build toward the chorus, which bursts forth with a vibrant, catchy melody. Subtle rhythmic aspects imply a dynamic shift (which gets even bigger in the later choruses) and lyrical changes provide more emotional insight. It’s easy to just melt into the seamless, brilliant songwriting. Merritt graces us with something truly poignant and effective here, and it’s impossible not to appreciate the droves of musicality.

Stay tuned for an explosion of arrangement and production tricks as well as a delightful bridge. If any of this sounds like it may be up your alley, give Merritt Gibson a listen and a follow! There’s a lot more you could unpack about “7 years,” but it’s a better use of your time to just enjoy it. Truly, this track makes for the perfect, emotionally gratifying pop tune.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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