“Destructive Interference” by Inki

“Destructive Interference” by Inki is a song characterized by creative melody choices and genuinely brilliant production. The hauntingly minor mode fosters a mysterious, hypnotizing atmosphere that feels quite immersive for the listener. It’s everything from the panning to the chord choice that makes this song special, and in the end, unforgettable.

A deep synth bass slides downwards, topped by some breathy vocal samples. The singer begins soon after, leaving a trail of poetic, descriptive language in her wake. Her cadence lands on these typically non-diatonic but harmonic minor scale tones, implying a chord so unnerving it’s satisfying. We’re thrown into the next section with a hint of ominous indulgence. Distant drums carry the song forward, eventually erupting in a full, busy groove. Background vocals, harmonies, and vocal samples actually take up a lot of the harmonic space, weaving in and out of each other with ease. Inki reaches into her wonderfully airy head voice for a lot of the melodies, adding a lot of sparkle to the mix. Both the broken-down and high-energy sections of this song bring something valuable to the table, effortlessly displaying the intimate and passionate sides of dark pop as a genre.

Stay tuned for a lot more production genius and a continuously impressive vocal performance. If you’re into AURORA, you might just like Inki. Her style is idiosyncratic and beautiful and her songwriting invokes layers of emotion. Be sure to give her a listen on your choice of streaming service, and a follow on your choice of social media platform!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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