“Blue Crystal” by Linnéa

Balancing 90s grunge and femininity, Linnéa has her first single “Blue Crystal” from her upcoming EP Fixation is available now. The rock EP is planned to be released later in 2023. The project as a whole will cover Linnéa’s darker places when it comes to herself and relationships. Her vulnerable in the rock space as a woman in the genre is commendable and just plain awesome.

“Blue Crystal” shows Linnéa is not afraid to tell you exactly how she feels. The song oozes with sensuality, through the subtle ohs at the beginning matched with the lyrics “wrapped around your brain like I have wrapped around your body.” Another really strong lyric comes up later in the bridge, “you show yourself to me just to take away my sight.” This is so thoughtful and ties in perfectly with the song’s hook about her lover’s eyes. The goal was to capture a more authentic 90s rock song and she nails it. The roaring and layered electric guitars, the epic building in the bridge, Linnéa’s distinct vocals – she has the whole package!

The song was released alongside an indie/DIY style music video. Inside a hotel room, Linnéa sings the song while cutting to shots of her sensually on the bed. All of it had a very thick filter on top, which pairs nicely to her aim to authentically capture a 90s grunge/rock feeling.

When asked to describe what the song meant to Linnéa she shared:

“Blue Crystal emphasizes on desire, wanting what you can’t have but being under the illusion that you can have it. You find yourself stuck in an endless minefield! It is just the beginning of what’s to come though!”

With vulnerable lyrics and masterful production, Linnéa is an artist to watch!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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