“Normal” by Little Lore

“Why be happy when you can be normal?” is a question London-based artist Little Lore asks on her new single “Normal.” The americana singer/songwriter Tricia Duffy has been making music longer than she has been under the name Little Lore. Little Lore started out performing cover, then she formed an americana duo with fellow musician Al Bird. After that, she decided to release a debut solo EP under the alter ego Little Lore in 2021. Since then, she has been building off her momentum, already being recognized for her signature storytelling and her magic americana roots.

“Normal” was solely written by Little Lore and she found the inspiration during the 2020 pandemic. She shares she grew frustrated with the way society wants us to do things or that we always have to do what is expected of us; even if that means choosing being “normal” over what makes us happy. The lyrics shine throughout, her satirical singing of “why feel joyful when you can feel awful” just shows her point right away. I think it is interesting how this song could be impactful both fully produced and played stripped sadly on the piano. Her message still gets across, and that is what makes good songwriting.

The guitar is bright and Little Lore’s voice is smooth and peppy. The production captures her Americana sound so beautifully. A highlight of the song is the final part of the bridge where she says, “And if you came back / what would I do / I’d say / (spoken) go love yourself.” It ties up so nicely the confidence she has gained once she realized she does not have to live for anyone but herself.

When talking about the initial inspiration for the song, Little Lore adds: “I am a huge fan of Jeanette Winterson’s writing. Her memoir is called ‘Why be Happy When you Could be Normal’ and this title really resonated with me as I have a lot of very strong feelings about how socialised we are to accept things.”

So go give Little Lore a listen and keep up with her future releases!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by Andy Francombe





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