“Can’t Write About Today” by Matt DeAngelis

Inspired by turning the negatives into something more positive, Matt DeAngelis put out his new single “Can’t Write About Today.” DeAngelis is a 24-year-old singer songwriter who has been honing his craft for over half of his life. As a writer, he is drawn to interweaving his other passions such as climate change and mental health into his writing. Climate Change awareness is so important to DeAngelis that he is also a storm chaser to show people the serious issue it is and that we need to work on preserving it.

“Can’t Write About Today” tackles the unrest in the world today. Through DeAngelis’s lyrics he conveys how people feel like it is easier just to hide away. Especially in the chorus, “can’t write about today / can’t think about tomorrow / lost out on yesterday.” DeAngelis captures this story in such a beautiful way: with rich guitars, dramatic synths, and an amazing range.

His sound feels reminiscent to big voices like Ben Platt and rock icons like Billy Joel and Elton John. It is clear that he found the perfect style to suit both his voice and his lyricism. I commend how he is able to write such a doomsday song with a glimmer of hope. It is definitely needed now more than ever.

The song was released alongside a professionally shot music video. It includes DeAngelis performing the song in various locations: on a high building, in the dark street, and more. As an independent artist, he was able to create an interesting visual to match is impactful song.

Be sure to give this song a listen! It is great for all rock fans!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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