“Goodbye” by Livi Jacobs

Livi Jacobs is here with her debut single “Goodbye” and after listening, we are so glad she decided to pursue her dreams.

This Vienna, Austria native and multi talented artist has a way of bringing us into her story, told through her lyrics. While Jacobs was mastering her craft, she spent a lot of time playing gigs and making her voice be heard.

Livi also had this to say about her path to becoming a musician “I spent my early years as a songwriter relocating from Nashville to Los Angeles, [and] back to Florida in order to chase my dream and learn as much as I could.”

She continued to say “Goodbye” is only the beginning and I can’t wait for you to hear more of what’s in store.”

We can’t help but to love these lyrics and it’s a song that will hit home and be easily relatable to someone that has lost someone close to them. We love how honest and vulnerable Livi is and we need more of this style music, tracks that make us feel at home while we listen.

Jacobs has a charming way of having a natural flow while singing this track and this heartfelt song is much more than a “Goodbye”, it’s a hello into the world of music. 

Make sure you follow Livi on her musical journey, (her links are below) so you can support her each step of the way.

Our personal favorite line: “I’m sitting there on my mama’s bedside/ she looked up at me and she smiled so wide.””

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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