“Get To Know You Game” by Chloé Sautereau

“Get To Know You Game” by Chloé Sautereau is a raw, intimate take on the difficulties of dating and relationships. The bright acoustic guitar underpins a soft, sometimes doubled vocal and a slew of breezy harmonies. If you stay tuned until the end, Chloé’s delivery takes on a bit more intensity and grit, a powerful addition to a mostly subdued tune. It completes the thought by showing us both the quiet sort of sadness, and the more impassioned sort. Chloé excels in every area of music creation, bringing us something truly unforgettable.

Two acoustic guitar notes toggle back and forth, soon joined by the lead vocal: “Ask me if I’m free tonight / I know I am, but that’s alright / I’m not in the mood.” Her whispered tone speaks volumes about the exhaustion associated with her words. The verse soon blossoms into a chorus, and the acoustic guitar transitions to delicate strums. The chords imply a minor key, a fitting atmosphere for this already cathartically morose tune. The vocals are lightly doubled and accompanied by these delightful, hummed background interjections.

The next verse utilizes some of these harmonies as well, keeping the dynamic small but ensuring growth. Fast forward to the last chorus, Chloé belts every word, “I’m tired of the get to know you game / Every time I relearn how to play…” She also makes small adjustments to the melody itself, a clever way to keep things interesting. As she gently utters the last few words, the song fades to silence.

Be sure to give “Get To Know You Game” a listen! You’ll fall in love with this heartfelt tune.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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