“In A Daze” by Draumr

At the intersection of experimental and dream pop lies “In A Daze” by Draumr. It’s one of the most uniquely groovy tracks you’ll ever hear. Brimming with meticulous, robotic harmonies and this viscerally rhythmic bass line, this one just gets into your bones. If you’re not dancing along after a few short measures, you’re doing it wrong. Sometimes, a song comes along that’s just good—no explanation needed. But, for the sake of it, let’s dive into the intricacies that make “In A Daze” a work of musical brilliance.

A dreamy, ethereal synth introduces the chord progression. Soon, the indulgently repetitive bass line thumps underneath. By the time the full groove kicks in, we’re already immersed in the rhythmic, trance-like goodness. It has sort of an 80s atmosphere but with a lot of subtle, modern sensibilities. The vocals come pouring in, engulfed in doubles, octaves, and texturally satisfying effects. The melody hops casually around the minor scale with swift, firm changes.

The chorus arrives with a repetitive, memorable hook. The groove itself doesn’t change much, but the catchiness of this newfound melody covers all of the dynamic bases. Plus, the transition to the next verse drops to a more sparse collection of instruments.

Be sure to give Draumr a follow and a listen on your choice of social media platform or streaming service! “In A Daze” is a song you don’t want to miss out on. It’s doubtlessly on its way to success and recognition (as it should be).

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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