“Train in Vain” by Blueburst

“Train In Vain” by Blueburst is a passionate outpouring of lyricism over a sentimental chord progression and a vibrant mix of instrumentation. Its painful, indignant message is fodder for intense catharsis for many. Not to mention, the layered, anthemic ending ties a bow on the atmosphere and solidifies the ever-building slow burn.

Two guitar chords toggle back and forth, both with the same delicate, suspended top end. “You say you stand by your man / Well tell me something I don’t understand / You say you love me / That’s a fact / But then you left me / Said you felt trapped,” the singer pushes through his warm rasp to give us a slightly angry, slightly heartbreaking narrative. With the utterance of a poignant few words, the rest of the instrumentation pours in. Drums take on a slow, crisp pattern as waves of chorused, dreamy electric guitars wash over the mix. New motifs enrich the next few sections with this gloriously busy, ethereal sound.

Fast forward to the ending, a march erupts from the snare, building into a crash-heavy, frenetic groove. The guitar solos through the background. The lead vocal repeats the same, heavy-hitting line over and over. Background vocals belt these impressive, legato notes. It’s a cloud of climactic textures. A slow fade dissolves each of them to silence, leaving the listener gratified and somehow simultaneously hungry for more.

Be sure to give Blueburst a listen and a follow! You’ll fall in love with the way this artist crafts their songs.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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