“shutmedown.” by thankmelater.

thankmelater. has released their debut single “shutmedown.” and we love every hard-hitting beat of it.

With inspirations from Twenty One Pilots, The Wrecks, and The Neighborhood, this duo has come together to create music in their own lane. This diverse track has a mixture of rap, hip-hop, and emo-rock, and while listening we can hear the love the band has for these other genres and how they combined them all plus more.  

thankmelater. has the ability to melodize perfectly with the instruments used, and we became fans upon the first listen. Every lyric that this duo sang forms easily to make a flawless outcome. 

thankmelater. band member Vattima had this to say about the track “This song was therapeutic to record, because it was the first song that helped us truly get a gauge for how we want the band to sound, and it’s amazing to see it out and people listening to the work!”

Redding also had this to say this about the creative process, “his creative openness to doing whatever is best for the track has been extremely refreshing and I feel led to us achieving the best version of this track.”

We can tell that the band really loves this track by the way that they easily flow with the drums and guitars on “shutmedown.”

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Our personal favorite line: “I’ve been up/I’ve been good/ but I still can’t feel enough.” “I need to fake all these apologies/ when I’ve been losing track of everything that tries to make me be/ anything other than what I want.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester

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