“Bring Those Good Times Back” by Bradley Denniston

“Bring Those Good Times Back” by Bradley Denniston is a riff-based pop-rock track with an almost inordinate amount of charm. Overflowing with horns, chants, and powerful vocals, its textural atmosphere is rather unique as far as popular music goes today. But overall, it really hits all of the marks of a well-written, well-produced, and well-performed song.

A crisp, largely pentatonic guitar riff welcomes us into the song. Snaps and vocal ad-libs ornament the intro and propel the momentum straight into a verse: “You got me feeling like I’m back home / Love me like we’re still young / Lady luck don’t lead me on.” The suave, sultry tone of Bradley’s voice manifests in rasp and this idiosyncratic control. The chorus blossoms with horns and harmonies, following this effortlessly catchy, syllabic melody through the minor scale. The drums create a simple yet ideal groove, heightening the energy just the right amount for a satisfying climax.

The bridge comes along, composed instrumentally of bass, claps, and bright guitar stabs. Bradley careens into a chanted set of lyrics: “One, two, three / I gotta get you up and dance with me / Yeah, yeah, yeah / One, two, three / I gotta get you like your moves got me.” This change in vocal performance is not only fun but also adds droves of interest to the song as a whole.

Give Bradley Denniston a follow and a listen if you like what you hear! You’ll be smitten with his style, musicianship, and ultimately, his innate talent.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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