“Ronnie” by Wednesday’s Child

Combining psychedelic rock and punk with a jazz twist, Wednesday’s Child has released their new single “Ronnie.” They are a London based 5 piece with influences such as The Beatles and Billie Holiday. The group has gained attention from BBC introducing as well as hosted a radio takeover on Boogaloo Radio. Wednesday’s Child has been gigging nonstop – landing festival spots and a residency at the Georgia Tavern. The group has a moody aesthetic but shared that they add cowbells to the sound when it feels right.

Their unique look and ever experimenting sound makes them an exciting and fun watch. “Ronnie” is the third sister of their EP The Seven Sisters to be released on July 14th. This single, “Ronnie,” was inspired by Ronnie Spector, the frontwoman of the Ronettes.

“Ronnie” shows off the band’s signature lyricism. The lyrics “’cause I can smell my own ideas” is just a spot on example of this. They sight influences from fantasy and myths, so it is interesting to see them apply this to a real-life scenario. The electric guitar lick has a memorable groove and pairs beautiful with the lead vocals. It is the kind of song where you just want to pull up a chair and listen. It grabs the listeners attention in all the right ways. It’s an upbeat yet slow song, overall, a cheery, fun vibe.

When asked about what they hope the listener takes away from the song, the band shared, “Our song is from the perspective of someone feeling lost in love and nostalgic for what could have been, then finding hope through Ronnie’s music. Songs have the magic ability of bending time so that work can live on and continue affecting people.”

So be sure to listen to the amazing single “Ronnie” and pre-save their upcoming EP The Seven Sisters out July 14th!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Featured Photo by Alfie Fisher





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