“451” by Arliston is music as it’s meant to be shared—uninhibited by the implications of commercialism and overflowing with originality. Whether you’re considering the vocal timbre, the songwriting, the production, or the instrumental arrangement, you’ll find yourself immersed in authenticity. A beautiful display of emotionality awaits you if you surrender to the hypnotic current of “451.”

Pitched, stacked vocal harmonies and a soulful saxophone form the intro the song. With the addition of a crisp drum groove, the basis for the song emerges. “I wanted a cold bath / I tend to fall on it, fall on it ’til there’s nothing left,” the vocals drift in casually, muttered with a jaded tone. As an introduction to the message, the words are brilliant. Arliston not only includes imagery but evokes a distinct feeling. Ornamental sounds flutter between lyrics, allowing the song to ride the line between completely atmospheric and rhythmically tight.

The chorus arrives with a poignant vocal swell. It proceeds in 7/8 with emphasis on odd beats but always resolves by the end of the phrase. The time signature adds to the complexity of the experience but doesn’t overcomplicate it to the point of inaccessibility. Arliston’s soft falsetto is the icing on the cake of an impactful piece of music. If this sounds intriguing to you, give this nearly five-minute song a listen. It’s a worthwhile use of your time, especially if you’re looking to discover something unique. Then, be sure to follow Arliston on your choice of social media!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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