“Autumnal Red” by Mariele Jankowski

“Autumnal Red” by Mariele Jankowski is a delightfully wholesome folk song with so much intrinsic beauty and soul. The songwriting is classic—shaped by gratifying chord progressions and flowery melodies. The acoustic instrumental textures define the genre with their simplicity. The vocals, however, are the real reason this song is a bonafide masterpiece. Mariele’s warm rasp and idiosyncratic pronunciation foster this intimate, touching atmosphere that’s just hard to beat. Adding this song to your playlist is a no-brainer.

Birds and ethereal forest sounds spill into the mix haphazardly just before the chords set in. Finger-picked acoustic guitar motifs underpin these shimmery string lines, setting in motion a sweet mood. “In springtime when the snow drops / When tomorrow seems so bright,” Mariele’s voice tumbles down the scale with control, agility, and authenticity. Every note she lands has a slightly different, equally endearing timbre. The lyrics are largely imagery-based, describing environmental visuals with poetic, delicate language. The topic and the delivery match in energy quite keenly, which in turn makes the song feel smooth and immersive.

The chorus appears with a wash of harmony and a new, bittersweet chord progression. As the song isn’t over-produced, each additional layer makes a world of difference dynamically. The power of a single, lower harmony is immense. You’ll find yourself really internalizing the emotionality of the song even after it’s over.

Be sure to give “Autumnal Red” a listen and Mariele Jankowski a follow! You’ll be glad you got to know her incredible artistry.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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