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“Vacation” by Robert Vendetta

Norway-based musician Robert Vendetta has one question: are you ready for a Vacation? After listening to “Vacation,” the first single from his fourth and upcoming album, “Vendetta Del Disco,” your answer will be an enthusiastic “Yes!”

This retro-pop, Elton John-esque song embraces a dreamy ’70s tone (like The Beatles) with energetic percussion, harmonious backing vocals and rich (Steinway) piano.

The lyrics, especially when Robert emphasizes some ideal vacation spots (Greece, Mexica, Havana), invoke images of what a vacation entails — beaches, umbrellas, cocktails, and pools.

“Vacation” is such a grand singalong tune with impeccable dynamics. Around the 2:26 mark in the song, it builds to the chorus with Robert flaunting his solid vocal talents. I would even say it shows how much of a spritely personality the singer has.

Speaking about “Vacation,” Robert addressed some of the influences he had in mind while composing the singalong.

“I had a lot of fun writing this one. I needed a song that fitted the story of my forthcoming album, and one Friday while sitting behind an awesome Steinway grand piano, ‘Vacation’ just came to me. The song is a rocker, probably heavily influenced by Elton John’s ‘Saturday Night’s Alright’ and Jerry Lee Lewis. But with a little of that funky James Brown thingy added.”

James Brown and Elton Joh would be proud!

Do yourself a favor by adding “Vacation” to your summer playlist and sharing it with your vacation pals, regardless of whether or not you all are flying to a tropical island. Ensure you follow Robert Vendetta on all his social and music platforms.

Written by Taylor Berry

Vacation, Robert Vendetta, Rising Artists, music blog, new song, single, retro-pop

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