“Apocalypse” by Poison Oak

“Apocalypse” by Poison Oak is an anthemic, vintage rock track with a frenzy of layered vocals and a slew of brilliant melodies. The dynamic structure of this song will keep you invested even after it’s over. From the fervent yells to the often soft, clean guitar work, you’ll experience virtually every emotion under the sun. Plus, if you love 90’s alternative, this’ll fall right in your wheelhouse.

A crunchy guitar riff invites us into the song, driven by melody but subtly outlining the chords as well. Drums, bass, and other electric guitars layer in for a really pleasant build. As the verse begins, the mood really sets in. The vocals are doubled in such a way that they sound retro and almost punk-adjacent. The melodic phrases are short and simple. The verse itself is actually really short, another common punk trope. With this brief exposition, the song launches into the meaty, high-pitched chorus. “I was wasted!” the singer cries, immersed in full harmony. It feels effortlessly climactic and gripping. The drums perform elegant crash hits as the guitar strums through quick power chords. Within a single minute, we arrive back at our intro riff and begin another verse.

Stay tuned for some versatile instrumental moments and a full-circle ending. As far as songs with slightly unconventional forms go, this one really takes some interesting and ultimately hypnotizing liberties. Be sure to follow Poison Oak on your choice of social media platform, and listen to “Apocalypse” on your choice of streaming service.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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