“Habits” by Bunny Alex

“Habits” by Bunny Alex provides the exact sort of originality the fabric of pop music calls for. It’s catchy, familiar, and light-hearted—but it doesn’t fade into the background like something conventional—its textural integrity, melodic creativity, and distinct vocal performance make it stand out from the crowd. There’s something alternative and intriguing about it. You’ll be left craving more music with this sultry, effortlessly cool atmosphere that Bunny Alex so intrinsically possesses.

The intro is a delicate combination of vocal flourishes, sparkling synths, and an ever-brightening drum groove (which will come to define the ambiance of the whole song). “Hold your hand / Kiss you when I leave / Say I look / Pretty when we meet,” Alex chimes, the lyrics evoking a cheery, simple image. As this verse blossoms, Alex’s ability to use rhyme and rhythm brings out this uniquely enchanting arc. The underlying instrumentation remains uncomplicated, but each aspect is equally charming.

“I would wait forever baby / You know that you drive me crazy,” a cloud of harmonies overtakes the sound. A synth riff juxtaposes the lead melody, creating this cheeky counterpoint. A few changes in melodic shape effectively highlight the dynamics while keeping it chill, grounded, and easy-listening. It’s incredibly well-written, well-produced, and well-performed. So rarely these days do you hear a self-proclaimed commercial pop track with this much heart.

Be sure to give Bunny Alex a listen on your choice of streaming platform! You’ll fall in love with her musical talent and nonchalant, groovy style.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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