“karma.” by thankmelater.

“karma.” by thankmelater. is a gritty fusion between trap sensibilities and rock songwriting—which can sound like a daunting sound—but just wait until you hear it. The intensity of the singer’s delivery paired with the crisp yet heavy production is a thing to behold. You’ll be invested in the indignant lyricism before you know it.

The intro consists of a distant, covered version of the chorus, eventually culminating in a small beat drop. Electric guitar and pithy electronic drums erupt from the mix on an urgent minor chord. “Late night / You light up my phone like a cigarette / And I know I should drive home but I didn’t yet,” the vocalist sings with a raspy, sharp timbre. Already, we’re getting a healthy serving of angst. Everything from the crunchy power chords to the rhythmically gratifying phrasing instills this moody atmosphere.

The chorus kicks in with a wildly catchy melody. Harmonies bolster the lead vocal as the singer falls smoothly off of each phrase. He has this raspy push to his sound that really sells his lyrics. It really maintains the spirit of every genre he’s harnessing. There’s a palpable aggression to performance.

Stay tuned for an incredible drum break and a climactic ending. Any modern rock or pop lovers will adore this track—so be sure to give thankmelater. a follow on your choice of social media platform and “karma.” a listen on your choice of streaming service! This artist has one of the most original styles you’ll hear.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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