“I’m Not Okay” by Bluhm

“I’m Not Okay” by Bluhm is one of those ethereal indie rock songs with not only brilliant writing but an immersive, dreamy atmosphere that’ll leave you hypnotized. The instrumentation is incredibly casual, with a sort of nostalgic, house-show feel. Meanwhile, the melodies and vocal timbre deliver something uniquely emotional. If you ever want to feel like you’re floating through a coming-of-age film, give this one a listen. It’s got that melancholy, youthful glint you just can’t beat.

Some reversed samples swell into a drum hit: “Give it some thought for the night / Want to feel like it’s alright / Were you done waiting for more?” The chorused, reverb-drenched vocal practically flows from the mix, uttering vague yet poignant phrases. A guitar strums two delicate chords as the drum beat chugs along underneath, a sparse backdrop, but one that’ll soon blossom into something fuller.

The chorus arrives with a twinge of feedback, resulting in multiple, textural guitars and a catchy, repetitive melody. Each time this section returns, it unfolds in a similar manner—but it truly never gets old. The melody is so genuinely well-crafted and the production is so smooth, you’ll welcome the hook for every iteration.

This track is undoubtedly one of the purest, most authentic pieces of alt/indie pop you’ll hear. Be sure to give “I’m Not Okay” a listen on your choice of streaming platform, and Bluhm a follow on your choice of social media. You’ll end up infatuated with their distinctive sound.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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