“Body After Body” by Ellie Madeland

“Body After Body” by Ellie Madeland is an ethereal, dramatic dream pop track imbued equal parts passion as skill. If the impressive, unique vocals don’t blow you away then the dynamic production style will. Every building block of this track comes together to make it incredibly moving. By the last drum hits, it’ll have undoubtedly taken your breath away.

A synth bass swells in, outlining the chords. “Never thought I’d feel hope / Tingling inside of me like this / The not knowing where it goes / Made me dive in entirely,” Ellie sings in a low register. Kick drums subtly thump beneath the shapely melody. A splash of percussion soon interjects, adding this wildly satisfying rhythmic structure to the still sparse background. Then, we get harmonies and bursts of synth, all in the dynamic arc of a single verse.

The pre-chorus introduces piano and strings, then pulls the rhythmic integrity out from under us for just a moment. As this wave of chord values and gentle melodic contours washes over us, we start to deeply anticipate the chorus. When it finally kicks in, every texture we’ve heard so far joins the climactic chord progression. Ellie’s melody fits the structure well, inciting these melodramatic, impassioned feelings. It’s one of the most musically effective songs you’ll ever hear. It truly takes you on a ride from intimate and soft to wildly grandiose.

Be sure to give Ellie Madeland a listen! You’ll fall in love with her natural talent and artistry. Plus, “Body After Body” is the perfect addition to your summer/fall playlist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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