“On Your Mind” by Edie Yvonne

Say hello to one of the music industry’s newest artists, Edie Yvonne and she’s bringing us a new single “On Your Mind.

Edie has been working hard these last several months by releasing new songs back to back and watching her audience grow.

This short but sweet single is perfectly paced and Edie matches the instrumentals well by keeping up and holding her own. “On Your Mind” is fun, dreamy, romantic and if we were giving out stars, she’d have all five (not only for being outgoing, but for wanting to share her talents with the world).

This single has a modern-country, indie-rock/ folk, thought provoking feel, “On Your Mind” is to the point and realistic and has us wondering if this is in comparison to how some romances start.

The quickness of this track could represent how fast we fall for someone, and the exciting feelings that come along with it.

At some points we may obsess over what the other person is thinking so we end up rattling our own brain. Edie has created a clever track that has us wondering about our own potential crushes and what they are thinking.

“Her indie/dream pop songs have been lauded for their emotion, drama, and poetics.”

This is an artist that is here to stay and we can’t wait to find out what Edie comes out with next.

She’s just got one question: “What is on your mind?”

Make sure you follow Edie Yvonne on all of her socials to keep up with what she is releasing soon.

Our personal favorite line: “Love is blind”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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