“Do You Believe” Lilith Max

“Do You Believe” by Lilith Max is a versatile track with a haunting performance. With its use of swung acoustic guitar and legato strings, it establishes a sweet, organic atmosphere. The chords, on the other hand, carry an ominous air. Lilith’s bright, breathy voice is just the icing on the cake of a truly layered, emotionally effective song.

It begins with some finger-picked acoustic guitar outlining the chord progression. The vocals come in, drenched in reverb, “When the wind blows / I am listening / Does she hear my whisper?” There’s an almost mythical essence to the words, another indication of a fantastical, fairytale-like theme. Lilith’s gentle vibrato warms up the sound just before the melodious pre-chorus. A cloud of strings envelops the sound, upping both the perceived fullness and the drama. Just when you think the climax is arriving, however, it turns out to be a false build. We drop to acoustic guitar and vocals as Lilith asks the titular question: “Do you believe?” A reverb through sends us into another verse. We float along again, immersed in imagery and symbolism. The rest of the song continues in this manner, utilizing dynamics to keep us invested, delighted, and infatuated.

Don’t hesitate to check out Lilith Max! You’ll be surprised and excited by her unique style. “Do You Believe” is available on your choice of streaming service—and don’t forget to keep up with her on social media to get the low-down on her upcoming releases. You’ll be glad you found her!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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