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“Guide Me Meron” by Josh Tepper

New York-bred singer-songwriter Josh Tepper gets candid with his audience in his recent plea, “Guide Me Meron,” released on July 27, 2023, following “Poison Apple” and “Built Me” (check out our reviews on these two singles).

“Guide Me Meron” is such a humble piece with movement that amplifies and conveys the emotions associated with the track to the listener.

Josh couples his ethereal vocal talents with breathable instrumentals that authorize the message to flow through. Coming to terms with defeat and dubiety, Josh pleads for guidance in the chorus with unrestrained passion that’s moving and relatable.

The singer-songwriter broached about the life events that contributed to him composing the track. He also explained what Meron was and its relevance.

“I was going through a personal crisis which was worsened by the recent death of my grandparents, who were deeply spiritual people and often told me stories about Mount Meron, the center of Kabbalah in Israel,” Josh explained. “Thousands of people gather there every year on Lag Baomer to connect with the ancient Kabbalists. Sometimes, if you close your eyes and open your mind, the wisdom and energy of Meron will fill your soul and guide your way.”

While many people may not be religious, Josh conveys to listeners the adequacy of calling out to the “unknown” when all things fail and despondency kicks in.

“Guide Me Meron” holds so much value and only represents a sliver of Josh’s talent. Please check out his latest track and other works on various music streaming services. Also, observe the singer’s music journey by following him on his socials.

Written by Taylor Berry

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