“Blood” by Thomas Bernard Howard

New York singer, writer, composer, and producer Thomas Bernard Howard’s music is unique from anything being made today. Fans of compelling music with profound meanings will admire the work and dedication put into each of Howard’s songs. His latest track, “Blood,” is the fourth single off his upcoming album. “Blood” follows behind Howard’s previous singles, titled “Flame,” “Diamond,” and “Rose.” Each track has its own story behind it, making for a rare music-listening experience. 

“Blood” is a seven-minute track that is mesmerizing from start to finish. Howard’s soft vocals slowly arrive, and along with the enthralling instrumental, makes “Blood” somewhat reminiscent of classical gospel music. About halfway through the track, Howard’s vocals and instrumental become darker and more intense. “Blood” goes through many phases, showcasing Howard’s exceptional talent to not stick to one genre. The track effortlessly switches from being quiet and relaxing one moment, to other times having more of a potent sound. Still, “Blood” stays true to itself, somehow always having a softness to it, even with the intensity of the music. 

“Blood” sounds like it belongs in a movie, being the perfect soundtrack for multiple genres. Vocally, tonally, and creatively, “Blood” is unlike anything I’ve heard in recent years. “Blood” creates a complete calmness among listeners with its unique way of using different sounds, pitches, and instruments.

“Blood,” on a surface level, is Howard ranting about his experiences with plagiarism throughout his life. Many metaphors are highlighted throughout the track, repeatedly talking about the forcing of ‘donating blood,’ beginning with the line, “Those who take the most have most to be taken back.” What is the connection between blood and plagiarism? In the same way that Howard’s “creative blood” is being stolen, the same goes for him realizing he will not suffer for anyone else. At the end of the day, who he is artistically, creatively, or emotionally is for him to keep.

Take a listen to “Blood” today, available on all major music streaming platforms. It will be like nothing you’ve ever heard before!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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