New Zealand-based artist Rella is coming off strong from his latest release, “ROCKSTAR,” which cemented his unique sound. The singer and rapper has shown that his music differs from others, first highlighted in his 2017 single “Follow Me,” which has surpassed 14M listens on Spotify. Rella’s latest project is like nothing he’s done before, though. Rella’s debut album, “ETERNAL,” features some of his most personal music to date.

“ETERNAL” is straight from Rella’s heart and also kind of straight from his bedroom. The entirety of the album was independently recorded in a bedroom studio in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Although the first single from the album “ROCKSTAR” may have an incredibly catchy and upbeat demeanor, the album itself is much more complicated. “ETERNAL”‘s thirteen songs tackle taboo topics ranging from grief, loss, love, and life’s struggles. 

Aside from the profound lyrics and heart-wrenching reality of each song and the album as a whole, the conveyed artistry should also be discussed. The album’s flow is ideal; it has a flawless mix of slower, lyric-heavy songs, as well as what some may call “bangers.” The album’s range is impeccable, with songs having elements from multiple differing genres.

“ETERNAL” starts with the song “BEGIN,” a slow–paced, acoustic ballad. The rest of the album is filled with surprises, as each song is complex and multi-faceted. Every song has a compelling beat using unique sounds and melodies. Personal favorites are “BAD,” “SOMEBODY,” and “FELL IN LOVE”, which range from emo rap, R&B, and bedroom pop.

It is admirable that Rella creates his sound by using real-life pain to make music that others can relate to. I commend the way Rella uses difficult life moments to create art, and beautiful art at that. Take a listen to “ETERNAL” now on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano








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