“Glory Days” by a_shes

UK-based indie pop artist a_shes’ new single, “Glory Days,” is a nostalgic yet modern tune about the reality of growing up. While a_shes’ upbeat vocals and catchy instrumental says one thing, his lyrics say another. The juxtaposition between the meaning of the song side by side with the feel-good beat is a unique experience for anyone listening.

The dim truth of growing up is highlighted beautifully within “Glory Days.” The transition from a pure child to an adult with constant worry and anxiety is something that is everywhere around us, yet we don’t talk about enough. We all become hardened as we get older due to life’s experiences and heartbreak. It almost feels like one day, we just woke up and were no longer kids, no longer in our glory days. 

The track begins with a whimsical instrumental and a_shes’ deep-toned vocals. The song slowly builds to the synth-heavy, electrifying chorus, pulling at the heartstrings. The lyrics, “I’m terrified, cuz I’ve lost the way. Tell me, could we stay in our Glory Days?” signifies the ending of innocence that we all go through at some point in our lives. 

We’ve all been told to “enjoy our glory days” by those much wiser around us. A_shes’ “Glory Days” captures this phenomenon differently, as the POV is much closer to the one listening. We are all going through day by day, hoping to keep a bit of purity and happiness, no matter what life throws at us. One thing is sure, though: we all grow up and lose a bit of innocence daily; we all wish we could return to our youth when life was easy and carefree.

A_shes is a Malaysian-Bornean artist based in the UK between London and Cambridge. His music is the perfect mix of familiarity and being entirely in his own lane. It’s nostalgic yet new. Take a listen to “Glory Days,” available on all major music streaming platforms now.

Written by Melissa Cusano







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