“all I wanted” by shy blossom

Alternative rock artist shy blossom’s new single “all I wanted” is reminiscent of 90s rock with a modern twist. A captivating melody, serene vocals, and a guitar and drum-heavy instrumental make for a familiar sound that has been missed in the alt-rock music scene for too long. 

The artist behind shy blossom is upcoming musician Adriana McDonald. Her ethereal-like vocals are enough to grab anyone’s attention, but the flawless blend of these vocals, hard-hitting instrumental, and meaningful lyrics tie the single together. Having a similar and nostalgic sound to the likes of 90s rock idols such as The Cranberries or Fiona Apple, shy blossom remodels the genre to fit in 2023. Having elements of 90s rock, shy blossom completely takes her spin to create “all I wanted.”

“all I wanted” includes a guest performance by Pearl Jam’s Dave Abbruzzese, which adds a grungy vibe to the track. This disheveled instrumental, along with Adriana’s angelic vocals, brings for the perfect modern soft-grunge track.

shy blossom’s influences range from differing artists and many genres, including PJ Harvey, Mitski, Lizzy McAlpine, Coldplay, and Radiohead, among many more. Taking these influences, shy blossom created her distinct sound. Her voice is haunting in the best way, and that voice is guaranteed to get anyone to stop and listen. 

Listen to shy blossom’s “all I wanted,” out today on most major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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