“Stone In My Heart” by NEO & NEO

Switzerland’s indie folk band NEO & NEO’s latest single, “Stone In My Heart,” is a heartfelt track about being torn between two people. When looked at from the outside, someone who has fallen for someone else when in a relationship is frowned upon. “Stone In My Heart” highlights a different point of view. Still showing the downsides of the situation and weakness within the narrator, the emotions one goes through when experiencing this are explored beautifully. Along with the unique storytelling, the instrumental, consisting of soaring guitars, piano, and drums, is just as alluring.

NEO & NEO’s sound is authentic and unique. The band has a 60s and 70s-esque feel to their sound, reminiscent of bands such as The Rolling Stones, but still sounds modern and fresh at the same time. Band members include Dominik Robin (piano, vocals), Martin Fischer (drums), Georg Dillier (bass), Raphael Schneider (guitar), and Philipp Bäni (vocals), who all add their own appealing and individual sounds to the music. 

“Stone In My Heart” is piano-heavy, starting with a melancholy melody. The soft drums, along with Robin’s raspy, passionate vocals, make for a poignant and powerful song. Lyrically, the song is about the heavy feeling of being in love with two women, one being a long-time love; one being new and exciting. The stone in the narrator’s heart continues to grow and become heavier, as does the music itself. 

“Stone In My Heart” was written by Dominik Robin and produced & co-written by Philipp Bäny and Stefan Huber. It is available on all major music streaming platforms. Take a listen today!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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