“Out Of The Blue” by Robert Bacon

Alt-country artist Robert Bacon’s new single, “Out Of The Blue,” is an upbeat, exciting, and catchy track. The song is a fun and innovative take on all the twists and turns that come from meeting someone new, as well as ultimately losing that person. The nerves, the exhilarating feelings, and the fever-like decisions one makes in the beginning stages are all highlighted within the track. Over everything, the excitement we’ve all experienced while getting to know someone is executed meticulously in “Out Of The Blue.”

The boisterous and fun-loving instrumental makes “Out Of The Blue” a pleasing song upon first listen. On top of the uplifting instrumental, consisting of jangly guitars and drums, are bittersweet lyrics. Bacon is a remarkable storyteller. While discussing the beginning stages of meeting someone, he also tackles the topic of losing them by taking them for granted. This is highlighted in lyrics such as, “…all she wanted was you to hold her. She held back her tears,” which is a striking picture of the very moments the narrator realizes what they’ve lost.

According to Bacon, “There aren’t many people out there in the world who have been in a relationship and not taken it for granted at some point in their life… Typically, by the time you have realized that you are messing up a good thing, they have already checked out, moved on, and your chances of making it work are over, or historically low.” Bacon’s storytelling and moving instrumental in “Out Of The Blue” showcases a relationship’s beginning, middle, and end. Not only can “Out Of The Blue” be about a romantic relationship, but it can also symbolize a missed opportunity or life experience.

“Out Of The Blue” is a light and fresh track that anyone will enjoy. Take a listen today on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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