“Runnin’ Away” by Yael Lanciano

Yael Lanciano is back with a new favorite of ours, “Runnin’ Away”. This track is not only fun, but it captures our nostalgic feelings from the early and mid 2000’s, (which is just what we needed).

Lanciano presents to us a unique sound, that has bits of instruments that are fresh and some familiar.

Runnin’ Away” has light and heavy tones, along with bass that adds a nice flair to the song overall. Yael’s voice is clear, concise, and she does incredibly well balancing herself to each beat.

This playful song is perfect for those who are wanting to hear something different, and from a voice that reminds us of singing to the radio in our childhood bedrooms with a microphone hairbrush in hand.

We appreciate Yael for creating these visuals in our heads!

Yael has this to say about her new single, “First and foremost. I write from the heart…whether that means I write fun dance songs, healing songs, or sad songs. They all come from love. This particular song is about a lover who (in my opinion) was afraid to open his heart. I hope you enjoy the journey the song takes you on!”

We love the way this song makes us feel and how the sudden switch around 3 minutes is so natural and smooth. We can’t wait to hear what Yael will release next!

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Our personal favorite line: “Why you runnin’ away/ from feeling something real?”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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