“Christmas & You (Home Recording: Holiday Special” by Victor V. Gurbo

Christmas is for spending time with those you love, but it’s also for listening to those nostalgic classics we all grew up with. “Jingle Bells, “Frosty The Snowman,” and “Let It Snow” are just some of the many classics among hundreds of others. With every Christmas passing, new holiday songs come around, too. Most seem to be covers of old songs or have a much more pop/modern feel. Singer-songwriter Victor V. Gurbo’s new song, “Christmas & You (Home Recording: Holiday Special)”, is the perfect mix of that same wistlessness of old-school Christmas songs with elements of other genres such as rock and Indie folk. Reminiscent of acoustic singer-songwriters of our past like Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen, Victor Gubo is the ideal mix of modern with nostalgia. 

Victor Gurbo is a New York City-based musician, singer-songwriter, and artist. He has an old soul; his music feels like it came straight from old-time Brooklyn. He doesn’t need backup singers/dancers or to put on a tremendous show. All he needs is his guitar and unique vocals to truly captivate an audience. His lyricism is unique and profound, tackling topics of love, loss, and heartbreak. “Christmas & You” highlights this innate talent, with bittersweet lyrics about holiday memories that are now long gone. 

“Christmas & You” is the latest song created by Victor V. Gurbo and Mark Caserta, which is part of their Quarantine Sessions song series. Having the traditional blues/acoustic feel, the song juxtaposes the holiday magic with complex topics such as the loss of both love and faith during the holiday season. While the lyrics discuss the singer’s separation from holiday happiness, classic cheerful Christmas sounds are heard in the background, almost symbolizing the loss of innocence. 

“Christmas & You” is a beautiful, catchy, and meaningful song for the holiday season, and the ideal addition to any Christmas playlist this year. Take a listen today, available on most major music streaming platforms. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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