“In Your Armor” by Star Persona

Revamping the rock scene, the group Star Persona has their single “In Your Armor.” The Canadian based group has played across Ottawa, sticking true to their sound. The main songwriter, Claude Mallete, describes the band as “a commitment to real instruments and storytelling.” That description rings true throughout this single.

“In Your Armor” has an early 2000s rock feel with authentic guitars and a smooth drumline. Star Persona’s vocalist on the track, Lisa Thompson, has the perfect voice for their sound. Her emotion shines throughout the lyrics and melody, echoing so much passion. This love song contemplates the good and bad of wearing “armor.” Balancing the points of how it can keep someone in – it can also force someone out. The acoustic rock single is great for anyone looking for an old school rock sound with a more modern twist in the storytelling!

Written by Katie Power





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