“Long Way Back” by Highland Cinema

Childhood friends turned bandmates, Highland Cinema has released their second single “Long Way Back,” available now. The New Jersey born duo has been making music together for years. They have been in a variety of bands growing up but felt like Highland Cinema would be the best way to tell their stories. This track is a follow up to their 2023 debut single “More Than I Can See.”

The group’s alt-rock production kicks in with a driving electric guitar melody that stays throughout. The music is right in line with the vocals, allowing the listener to get lost in the world that Highland Cinema has built. Knowing the group is formed of childhood friends, it makes a song about reminiscing over an old town feel so authentic and nostalgic. The guitar solo is dirty and cool; it really added an extra zest to the overall sound.

Lyrically, they paint the pictures of how time changes things. The first lyric strongly sets the tone for the song and puts you right in the scene saying, “broken pictures and beat down bones / faded faces on a flight back home.” The band cites influences from other storytelling alternative groups like The National and Bon Iver.

In all, Highland Cinema has a clear sound and feel, they sing about things that people can really relate to. Their long relationship gives them a unique perspective and makes me excited to see what other topics they tackle as two kids who grew up together in a small town. So go check out “Long Way Back’ if you have not yet!

Written by Katie Power





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