As time drags on, we can often find ourselves falling into ruts. Don’t let your music listening habits suffer the same fate. Check out this new selection of songs:

Marcus Ryan – So Far Away

“So Far Away” by Marcus Ryan is a maelstrom of rock. It will make you want to find the nearest mosh pit and cause some mayhem of your own.

Rasha – How To Make An Entrance

Kicked off by a wailing harmonica solo, Rasha’s “How To Make An Entrance” gets off to a scintillating start. Altogether, it has a desert desperado pop aesthetic to its sound.

Oliana – Princess Of Serbia

“Princess Of Serbia” by Oliana is a moody synth-pop ballad. Altogether, it alternates between more ethereal notes and being punctuated by more blunt bass accents.

The Rampage From Exile Tribe – What Is Done Ft. Boom Boom Cash

“What Is Done” by The Rampage From Exile Tribe and Boom Boom Cash hits hard with a pulsating beat during each chorus. However, a menacing bass just past the 3:20 mark takes hold as a precursor to the track’s hyperactive finish.

YUNO JUNO – Fragrance

“Fragrance” by YUNO JUNO is a sweet indie pop piano ballad. However, it is about the bittersweet side of being madly in love with someone, especially when it appears the stars won’t align for you.

Ali Diane – Grim Reaper

“Grim Reaper” by Ali Diane delivers a resolute, empowering statement on recovering from being abandoned by your partner. It’s about finding the strength to put the toxicity of the past behind you.

Philipp Kirschner – Damage

“Damage” by Philipp Kirschner pops with understated percussive intensity. Altogether, the steel drum-ish drum loops are captivating.

EMIEE – Juicy Eyes

“Juicy Eyes” by EMIEE displays a mesmerizing soundscape of dazzling synth. All of the electronic waves at play create a buoyant melody.

Mya Luv – Incomplete

From straight out of the gate, Mya Luv’s “Incomplete” hammers you with a heavy, gritty guitar. Equally as impactful, it counters with a pounding percussive presence, too.

Faceless – Warrior

Faceless’ “Warrior” opens with trepidatious keys that are countered by assertive bass. Altogether, it relies on a minimalist approach for this compacted two minute-plus track.

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