“Fate” by Marxoxo (feat. lenne)

Experimental drum-n-bass artists Marxoxo and lenne create an electric and captivating atmosphere with their new single, “Fate.” The song is accompanied by a euphoric narrative music video, featuring Marxoxo and lenne as star-crossed lovers fighting to be together against pink soldiers and their inner demons. “Fate” is the perfect rave/party song, as well as the ultimate companion to a long drive or solo night in. 

The song begins strong, with an ethereal instrumental consisting of synths and dazy vocals repeating the lyrics, “Remember.” At the same time, the music video shows Marxoxo casting a spell on her lover to “remember.” Remember what exactly is not specified, but lyrics such as “get a little close to me ‘til you’re back inside my heart” highlight a lost love that doesn’t want to be forgotten. The disheartening truths that come to fruition during the end of a relationship is a heartbreak that keeps giving, and this sadness is mournfully yet beautifully showcased within “Fate.”

During the hook of “Fate”, Mar and lenne’s voices collide together flawlessly. The drum-n-bass beat explodes, making it impossible not to nod your head. This exhilarating instrumental becomes more and more thrilling as time goes on, making the song both exciting and thoughtful. 

The “Fate” music video was written by Gienel Agcaoili, shot by Nat Souza, and edited by Alex Cao. Take a listen to “Fate” now, available on most major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano






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