“Fly Away” by Alex Wellkers

Alternative rock artist Alex Wellkers’ new album, “Fly Away,” is a nostalgic compilation with elements of folk rock, pop, and even some hip-hop towards the end. The album comprises eleven unique songs showcasing different aspects of Wellkers’ undeniable talent for creating music. 

The first track on “Fly Away” is “You Want Us,” a 60s-esque acoustic ballad. The track consists of subtle guitars, violin, and Wellkers’ powerful vocals, creating a dreamy landscape. As the song continues, the instrumental gets a bit louder, and Wellkers’ vocals become bigger. His cry-like vocals highlight the emotion that he puts into his music. “We Celebrate” follows this track, which is a rock-pop ballad with a much more David Bowie-type feel to it. The song has a hard-hitting instrumental and is much more upbeat than the previous ones. 

The next track “Making Progress” is reminiscent of bands like Led Zeppelin (specifically the acoustic Led Zeppelin 3) in how it completely tones in on Wellkers’ voice and profound lyrics. The violin heard in the background gets more dramatic as the song continues, revoking an intense response from the listener with just this alone.

Alex Wellkers began his one-man project by himself in Switzerland in 2014. Starting his musical journey at age 6 when picking up the accordion, he later started playing instruments such as the harmonica, keyboard, and guitar.

Take a listen today to “Fly Away”, available on most major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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