“Till You’re Somebody Else” by Leo Sawikin

New York City-born and raised singer-songwriter Leo Sawikin has a new single, “Till You’re Somebody Else.” The track has an upbeat, catchy, 80s-esque melody reminiscent of bands like Depeche Mode. The dream pop song features Sawikin’s mesmerizing vocals and luscious instrumental. Fans of soothing music with a nostalgic kick will love Leo Sawikin and his unique sound.

“Till You’re Somebody Else” begins with a silky-smooth tune featuring high-pitched synths and a tranquil instrumental. Sawikin’s enchanting vocals arrive, completing the track’s overall calming aura. The song is a mixup of bittersweet emotions, as it is upbeat yet sad simultaneously due to the minor keys and Sawikin’s touching lyrics. This blend of emotions can also be seen as a metaphor for the overall human experience. 

The inspiration behind “Till You’re Somebody Else” came to Sawikin while reading about the growth and development of the human body. According to him, “We are always changing and evolving, even on a literal cellular level. I read that all the matter in our bodies is replaced every seven years. So, in effect, we are in a state of constant death and rebirth, both within our bodies and minds, and in between our current and future lives. The song was created from a place of wanting to let go of myself and reconnect to the universe. The idea that this life is just a moment in time brings me a lot of hope and a sense of relief.” This idea can be agonizing to some, but comforting to others. We are all humans trying to make the best of our short time on this earth.

Leo Sawikin is an artist whose journey is worth following. He unveiled his debut album, Row Me Away, in 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and like many, he took a hiatus during the lockdown. After what he calls a ‘pandemic-induced creative lull,’ Sawikin found his muse again. Inspired by the impermanence of everything in the world, he was driven to create “Till You’re Somebody Else,” now available on major music streaming platforms. This glimpse into Sawikin’s creative process humanizes him and makes his music more relatable. 

Photo Credits: Julie Hoffman

Written by Melissa Cusano


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